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School Index No.3202054, Recognition No. DDE/SEC/72/4695-97
College Index No. J32.02.031, Recognition No.A-13/HSC/2010-11/2782-83 ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified

From President's Desk

Marol Education Academy (MEA) is the fruit of dedicated efforts of its founders and friends who with futuristic vision braved all challenges to realize the noble dream of establishing an ideal educational institution. They were keen that the Academy must be service oriented, and the education imparted be conducive to wholesome development of children, moulding them into socially conscious citizens of our Country.

At MEA we hold that every child is unique with hidden talents that need to be nourished, and the duty of the teacher is to help blossoming of those dormant flairs. The School is committed to provide an environment that inspires children to give their best. Totally committed teachers are the mainstay of our School. They give not only their brain but also heart and soul in discharge of duties, which make teaching a pleasure for them and learning a joy for children, with perfect rapport between them. The management, as its bounden duty, supports all these activities and provide necessary infrastructure. We are conscious of the role of   parents in education, and the management maintains harmonious relation with them. Our accomplishments over the years and the reputation as one of the best schools in this part of the city exemplify the success of our system. Greater involvement of alumni in the activities of the school is one thing that has not taken shape as desired.

The founders overcame heavy storms of nascent days and brought MEA to its current status. The torchbearers of the present are carrying on with their mission. Most of us having reached the evening of our lives would naturally like to entrust the reins of the Academy in the safe hands of new generation. I, as the President of the Academy, earnestly solicit their participation in the activities of the academy. May our Academy gain more strength and reach greater heights of glory.

Thank you,

Visiting Hours 

Principal, HM, School Office : 

Monday-Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm 

Management :

Monday-Friday: 10 am to 12 noon 

(with prior appointment)

Jr.Kg Admissions for 2023-24 OPEN.


  • Marol Education Academy's High School & Junior College

    Bhawani Nagar, Marol Maroshi Road,
    Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400059
    Landmark: Near Seven Hills Hospital

    Phone: 022 2925 9570

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